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1909 Taft School, Lockport, IL

Located in the southwest part of Lockport, dating back to before 1888, Taft School abounds with historical charm that enriches and preserves Lockport’s historical significance.


In the 19th century it was called school district #9 of Lockport Township and named the South Lockport School 

TAFT FOUNDATION IS A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION that raises funds to support educational programs, activities, technology and programming for the students at Taft Grade School District 90 in Lockport, IL.


Taft Grade School is a one-school district that has been serving quality education for over 100 years to approximately 350 students in Kindergarten through eighth grade. The geographic boundary limits of the school are roughly 1-1.25 square miles, which limit the funds and financial support coming into the school from local business and corporations. Over the years this limitation and financial burdens of a small, aging school have directly been linked to the inferior educational opportunities for the students of Taft when compared to other area Lockport schools. 


Taft Foundation was incorporated in 2010 to make a difference by providing a foundation to counterbalance the decreasing educational opportunities. The Foundation continues to run and is maintained through volunteers and is supported by the       

Taft School District 90 Board of Education. Working together with teachers, staff, and administrators, the Foundation is able to help provide educational support programs through needs-based assessments.


The mission of Taft School District 90 is to build a solid foundation within each student, in the areas of math, reading, writing, speaking, computing, and creative thinking, while striving to develop their intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and creative potential. The Foundation supports this mission and invites you to join us in building a better future for our community. Learn more about how to help!

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